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Are You Being Impacted By The Government Shutdown?

Are you or someone you loved being impacted by the Federal Government Shutdown?

The majority of American households do not have a rainy day fund to cover basics. According to the Federal Reserve Board, and research shows that 40 percent of American households can’t cover a $400 emergency expense. Simply put, a missed paycheck can wreak havoc on a household’s finances, and with many households missing paychecks due to the government shutdown, their finances will be impacted.

We’d like to share some resources that we’ve received from creditors and other sources that can help you manage during this difficult time. 
Many banks have said they have options for employees affected by the shutdown, but the benefits are not offered automatically, and  the employee must call to speak to their creditor directly to inquire about any hardship programs offered. 

This is not intended to be a complete list and details are subject to change as the shutdown continues. If you don’t see your creditor on this list, we encourage you to reach out directly to them and inquire about hardship programs that they have created.

Creditor Assistance Options:

Chase:contact number 888-356-0023

Bank of America: 1-844-219-0690 or visit their landing page

Wells Fargo: is offering a Special Website  for those who have been impacted to inquire about hardship options

American Express:  Indicates that it will work with affected card members on potential options such as waiving late fees, return check fees, and future interest charges.

Discover: Employees impacted may be able to skip payments or have interest charges reversed if they miss payments because of the shutdown. Contact for details

Citi:  Employees impacted may be considered for fee and interest adjustments and, with respect to mortgages, might offer short-term forbearance and repayment plans or loan modifications. Contact for details.

Navy Federal Credit Union: is offering 0% interest loans for up to $6,000 with a grace period.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and are looking for a solution, non-profit credit counseling can help you make sense of all your options. ​Contact us today for a free financial assessment with one of our certified credit counselors.


This article was syndicated and originally appeared on the CESI Debt Solutions website.

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