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Save Money on a Staycation vs. Vacation

It’s summer and time for a much-needed and long-awaited vacation. Before you begin planning that expensive summer vacation, consider the benefits of a staycation vs. vacation and how a staycation can save you loads of money. Staycations are a wonderful alternative to going out of town, and they can be lots of fun. Here are a few family- and budget-friendly staycation ideas.

Movie Marathon

Plan a day of movies. Start your day at a local movie theater that has a ticket and popcorn discount day, and watch a movie with the family. Afterwards, when you get home, have everyone pick movies to watch together. Make some popcorn or snacks and enjoy an evening of movies together. Save money on movies by re-watching favorites that you already own, using streaming services you already subscribe to, or renting DVDs from kiosk services that charge only a few dollars.

Family-Fun Fitness Day

Plan a day involving family-friendly fitness activities. It might be hiking at your local park, swimming in your neighborhood pool or local beach, bowling, paint-balling, or laser tag. Pick activities that everyone in the family can participate in and have fun together. Invite family friends to join in your family-fun fitness day.

Weekend Stay at Local Hotel

Plan a local weekend get away. Spend the weekend at a nice and reasonably priced local hotel. Look for a hotel that has a pool, Wi-Fi, and kitchen. You may also choose a hotel that provides free breakfast or dinner. Book one room with two queen beds, and have a family slumber party to save money on the room expense. If you have teenagers, reserve an adjoining room with a connecting door to keep the closeness while having some privacy.

Tourist Outing

Plan a day touring your town or surrounding cities’ tourist attractions. Check out your local museum, zoo, aquarium, national park, or amusement park. If you have younger children, visit your local children’s museum. Most of these types of museums have interactive activities that the entire family can enjoy. Have fun learning everything that your town has to offer.

You can save hundreds of dollars and still have fun by doing a staycation vs. vacation, so be creative! Check your city or state’s website or your local newspaper for family-friendly events, coupons, or discounts for local activities. You will be amazed how much money you can save and how much fun you will have in your own backyard.

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This article was syndicated and originally appeared on the CESI Debt Solutions website.

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