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Araya Clean Announces Record Growth in Spring 2013

Gilbert, AZ (May 21, 2013) – Peter Tourian, Founder and CEO of Araya Clean, the nation’s first and fastest growing power washing franchise, announced yesterday that the company has experienced 36% growth, expanding from 14 to 19 franchises in the first five months of 2013.

Tourian attributes Araya Clean’s rapid growth to his company’s structured, professional and environmentally sound approach to the fragmented power washing industry historically dominated by one man shows and mom and pops.   According to Tourian, prospective franchisees are excited about Araya Clean’s state of the art power washing technology and EPA compliant business model that solves environmental issues that have plagued the power washing industry for decades.

“Few home and business owners understand how risky it is to trust a local power washing provider with limited resources,” says Tourian.  “Home and business owners, not the power washing provider, can face fines up to $50,000 a day if the water used in a power washing project contains dangerous chemicals or is allowed to contaminate the storm drain system.  Each of our franchisees is equipped with top of the line equipment, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning agents, and a five stage recycling process that allows them to get the job done in an EPA compliant fashion.   Those qualities are critically important to the hard working and eco-friendly entrepreneurs interested in owning an Araya Clean franchise.”

For years, local power washing providers and do-it-yourself home and business owners have largely avoided the stiff penalties associated with violations of the EPA’s Clean Water Act.   However, those days of using dangerous chemicals and allowing excess water to enter the local water supply without penalty are over.   Consider the following:

  • The EPA levied a record number of fines in 2012.   The $252 million the EPA collected from civil and criminal penalties last year far exceeded the $168 million collected in 2011.
  • The Supreme Court recently validated the EPA’s strict interpretation of the Clean Water Act.   In the case of Decker v. Northwest Environmental Defense Center, the Supreme Court voted 6 to 1 to uphold the EPA’s interpretation of its own regulations.
  • Citizens and companies have faced dozens of legal battles related to the Clean Water Act in 2013.   Accused violators are facing potential six figure fines and are stuck in tough legal battles.

Tourian was ahead of the curve in noticing that the EPA was cracking down harder than ever on Clean Water Act violations and made EPA compliance their biggest priority when the Araya Clean franchise was launched in 2011.   Ever since the company’s inception, Tourian wanted to ensure the franchisees had access to the most advanced power washing technology and fully understood their patented five-stage reclamation process.

After two years of hard work and refinement, Tourian is confident that Araya Clean is fully prepared to handle the aggressive franchise growth they’re projecting by end of year.   According to Paul Avona, Araya Clean’s Chief Corporate Officer, the time is right because Araya Clean has the policies in place to support new franchisees and American consumers need a power washing solution that keeps them safe from EPA violations.

“The numbers don’t lie – the EPA is serious about the Clean Water Act and we want to provide home and business owners with a power washing solution that keeps their property environmentally clean and their wallet safe from fines,” says Avona.  “We are thrilled to be adding franchise locations around the country led by owners who are as serious as we are about upholding our safe, effective and eco-friendly promise to customers.   We are excited to support our Araya Clean franchisees in their effort to keep America clean and out of the EPA’s crosshairs.”

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About Araya Clean

Araya Clean is the first and fastest growing franchisor of commercial, residential and retail power washing services.   In a highly fragmented market, Araya Clean brings a new level of quality, professionalism and consistency to the power washing industry.

Araya Clean’s EPA compliant cleaning practices and flexible cleaning schedules make them the top choice for professional customers who want attractive storefronts and home owners who need to keep their residence at HOA standards.

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