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Resolving Common Problems With Your Atlanta commercial cleaning Company

atlanta commercial cleaningWhen some Atlanta commercial cleaning employees have worked in the same building for a long time, they may decide to make themselves at home. Service quality may decline, or cleaners may even feel entitled to steal company property. Most problems that people experience with their Atlanta commercial cleaning company, however, are easy to resolve.

Common Problems

Decrease in Quality of Service—Over time, some businesses notice that the cleaners are simply not doing the job as well as they did in the beginning. In a repetitive job like cleaning, simple human nature means that workers may start to cut corners.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Supplies—Most cleaning contracts state specifically whether the company or the cleaner will provide the supplies to do the job. Unfortunately, whether because of lack of training or lack of scruples, some cleaners decide they prefer to use the other party’s supplies.

Lack of Attention to Security—Sometimes, the cleaners neglect to lock the door and to activate the alarm system. This places company property at an unacceptable risk.

Theft—Sometimes, cleaners take advantage of busy business owners and swipe products or other company property. Some business owners have even noticed their cleaning staff eating food from the company refrigerator.

Use of Company Property—A cleaner who is not being monitored may decide to use company property, like computers, to surf the web or to check email. Other cleaners may send faxes, watch the company’s television or borrow the company’s stereo system.

Unprofessional Behavior—Some cleaning staff have been caught bringing their children or even their pets to the workplace. In addition to placing company property at risk, having children in the work area creates potentially devastating liability situations for the company.

Strategies for Resolution

Take a Walkthrough with the Owner—Take a walkthrough of the building with the company owner. Point out the issues and ask the owner to take a similar walkthrough with the employees. Good companies will bring their work back to a high level after any problems are brought to their attention.

Review the Contract—Sometimes, the cleaning company owner needs a refresher on the terms of the contract. If the walkthrough failed to resolve problems, then inform the owner that continued violation of the agreement will be viewed as a breach of contract.

Be Present When Workers Are in the Building—Any worker’s performance will sharpen when the worker knows that he or she is being monitored. Taking the time to be visible to the cleaning staff will let them know that you are engaged in the work they are doing. Stopping by for an unannounced visit or simply walking the floor while the cleaners are working will put them on notice that you are watching what they do.

Leverage Your Security System—If you suspect that the cleaning staff are stealing or using your property in an unauthorized manner, then audit your security camera system periodically and watch their activities. Even when you don’t suspect your Atlanta office cleaning service of wrongdoing, auditing their activities every now and then will keep you apprised of potential issues.

Don’t Be Too Nice—Some cleaning staff spend too much time talking to employees and managers about personal matters. While the cleaning staff may endear themselves to you or gain your sympathy, you should still expect them to do a good job. Also, remember that your cleaner is the cleaning company’s employee, not yours. Discuss issues with their boss instead of discussing issues directly with them.

Even the best Atlanta office cleaning companies may have a few problematic staff members. While some challenges are inevitable, the key to deciding whether to maintain the relationship with your commercial cleaner is to see how well they resolve their problems. If problems continue to happen, then you may need to find a new cleaning company. Still, to avoid the inconvenience of searching for a new contractor, try taking the time to resolve your differences.

If you’d rather up the professionalism of your Atlanta office cleaning company and not have to worry about the above common concerns that affect some users, give us a call!

This article was syndicated and originally appeared on the Heits of Atlanta website.

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