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Is your doctor’s office making you sick?

What do all hospitals and doctor’s offices have in common?  The obvious of course!  They are constantly full of sick people.  When these people leave, they leave behind germs and bugs that you could pick up.  In fact, the CDC estimates that nearly two million patients in the U.S. get infections from hospitals every year.  Think about it, have you ever gone to the doctor’s office for a running nose and come home with diarrhea?  Where do you think you picked that up?

Most doctor’s offices employ a janitorial service that comes in daily, but superficial vacuuming, wiping down of counters, and taking out the trash does not rid the office of germs.  Because this has been an issue in the past, more and more state governments are passing cleanliness regulations for healthcare facilities.  Your healthcare facility should have a cleaning service that focuses on disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces including countertops, floors, examination rooms, bathrooms, doorknobs, and chairs.

Hospitals and doctor’s offices are places that people go to feel better, not worse, so choosing a healthcare facility with high cleanliness standards is of utmost importance.



This article was syndicated and originally appeared on the Heits of Minnesota website.

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