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Spring Cleaning for Your Transportation Hub

Transportation hubs get a steady flow of heavy traffic, which can make keeping them clean a very challenging task. Train stations, airports or bus stations all get a hundreds and thousands of visitors throughout the day. Therefore, they require heavy duty cleaning as well to maintain them. From floor care, ticket counters, stairways to restroom cleaning; all can be tough to handle with the heavy flow of traffic. However, there is no better time to invest in tackling this daunting task than during spring cleaning.

Things to do during your spring cleaning for your transportation hub include:

Cleaning areas exposed to heavy traffic: Gate areas and entrances are exposed to very heavy traffic at all transportation hubs, therefore it is essential to pay extra attention when you tackle these areas. From disinfected surfaces to odor control and special floor care, all sections for these places need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Carpets need to be cleaned in a way that it minimizes allergy pollutants whereas hard floors need to be cleaned to eliminate slip potential while remaining shiny and stain free.

Cleaning Ticket Counters: Ticket counters and other individual workspaces should be cleaned in a manner which is not intrusive for the employees, yet can accomplish the task of providing a clean work area for them. Workstations where there is a high frequency of customer interaction should be wiped down with antibacterial cleaning solutions to eliminate the risk of germs spreading.

Cleaning Restrooms: Dirty restrooms are a major put off for your visitors and require a longer time to clean. Therefore it is important to maintain them on a regular basis. However, during your spring cleaning project for the transportation hub, you can do detailed cleaning such as removal of grime and lime residue and tile repair to restore them to their original level of cleanliness. Restroom floors should also be inspected and repaired/cleaned thoroughly during your spring cleaning. This will reduce the effort required to maintain them on a daily basis.

Additional areas which might require your attention during this time include concession areas if any and seating areas at your transport hub. Ensure that you deal with all areas in detail for ease of management later on.

This article was syndicated and originally appeared on the Heits of Minnesota website.

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