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Kids and snot – a love/hate relationship

Snot, aka nasal mucus, is a wonderful function of the body. It is necessary for a healthy body and respiratory system. However, it can be one of the most repulsive things about our bodies, especially when it comes to children. Snot comes in all shapes, sizes and consistencies – sometimes clear, other times yellow or green. Any other color and you might have a serious problem.

Kids, as lovable as they are, tend to have a fair amount of snot coming out of their noses. There are many good reasons why the term “snot-nosed kid” is widely accepted. Parents tend to get used to the bodily fluids of their own children, but it tends to gross out anyone who is not the child’s parent. Runny noses are a main contributor to the spreading of germs in all types of settings, especially in daycares. That’s why it is very important for parents, teachers and daycare employees to teach kids good habits when it comes to wiping and blowing noses. It’s impossible to get every bit of snot that makes its way out of kid’s nose, but you can be vigilant and encourage using tissues to make sure you and the kids are keeping the mucus as contained as possible.

Doctors say it is important for kids to be exposed to all types of germs, so snot – even though it is gross – is a normal part of a healthy child’s life. For this type of information and anything else you ever wanted to know about the science of snot, check out the Naked Scientists’ blog.

This article was syndicated and originally appeared on the Heits of New Jersey website.

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